Hurghada called from the Arabic Al-Ghardaka is a town in south eastern Egypt bordering the Red Sea. Hurghada is one of the largest in Egypt (next Skarm El Sheik), tourist resorts bordering the Red Sea. Hurghada is located about 450 miles southeast of Cairo and covers an area about 40 km. Hurghada has about 180 000 inhabitants in the tens of thousands of tourists. The sandy beaches of Hurghada and sunny weather throughout the year, attracts some 5-6 million visitors a year. The Hurghada develops mainly tourism, services, trade and construction. Hurghada became famous thanks to its location on the clean and warm waters of the Red Sea, is rich in fabulous coral reefs, which are the main attraction of Hurghada. Hurghada is also a good base to other parts of Egypt such as Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Hurghada was founded in the early XX century, being originally a fishing village. At the end of Hurghada siedmdziesiątych by foreign investors began to grow rapidly gaining in importance. Hurghada can be divided into several sections, spanning a distance of about 40 km, including the following:

Dahar (El-Dahar also called Hurghada Airport, between hotels and Hilton Sea Star Plaza) - the oldest "Arab" part of Hurghada, where is the largest bazaar called. Old Bazaar (Hurghada Old Bazaar), and the passport office, post office and bus station. In the northern part of Hurghada hotels are few and prevails the old buildings. You should visit this part of Hurghada in the evening and walk down the streets and shop in the old bazaar.

Hurghada sakkala - a new center of Hurghada (between the hotel and the hotel Arabia Roma), considered the center of the city, where there are many hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, discos and shops. This is the best place in Hurghada, to do some shopping. There are several supermarkets such as Abu Sahara or the Metro, in which prices are fixed.

Hurghada Village Road, the latest, the southern part of Hurghada (south of the Marriott hotel to the Hotel Coral Beach). The newest hotels, shops and restaurants. Very rapidly, making it practically a second more exclusive center of Hurghada

Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi baythe southern part of Hurghada, begins near the Oberoi hotel and stretches toward Safaga. It will be a private park in the future similar to El Gouna. This is a team many hoot most of them in construction. Sahl Hasheesh is located from the center of Hurghada, about 30 km.


El Gouna - a short drive from Hurghada (north of approximately 25 km) is a town of El Gouna. El Gouna is a town which is privately owned hotel. The grounds are luxury hotels, golf courses, a hospital, the English school, the casino and its own radio station. In El Gouna are also islands and lagoons stucznie bridged so that was dubbed the Venice of Egypt.


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Hurghada airport

Most tourists come to Hurghada by air. The airport is far from the center of Hurghada, about 7 kilometers. Hurghada Airport handles over half a million monthly passengers. After landing at the airport in Hurghada travelers are directed to the arrivals hall where you can exchange money at exchange offices ($ 1 = 5.6 LE Egyptian Pound, 1 Euro = 7.5 LE Egyptian Pound) and buy Egyptian visa ($ 15). Outside the arrivals hall at the airport money exchange is not possible, until they can be exchanged in exchange offices in the center of Hurghada (this is important information for those wishing to drive to the center of Hurghada taxi, which costs around 40 LE). If you're staying with a trip outside the airport waiting bus that whisks travelers to their hotels in Hurghada. Many tourists on arrival at the airport are provided with alcohol in the duty free shop (later it is difficult to buy it, because Egypt is a Muslim country). When you purchase should be a passport to which information is recorded on a purchase. Alcohol can also be purchased at duty-free shop in the center of Hurghada, within 48 hours of arrival.

Hurghada hotels i transport

Most hotels in Hurghada lies along the Red Sea and they are spread over a distance of about 40 km. Most hotels are located near the center of Hurghada Sakkala and on Village Road in the south of Hurghada. Communication between hotels and the center of Hurghada, provides white minibuses going every few minutes. Price is about 2 LE. The main transfer point in Hurghada is located on the northern roundabout Sakali fish restaurant near El Jocker currency exchange offices and Thomas Cook. In all Hurghada, you can also find orange taxis. Transfer them is cheap and convenient. Upon entering the taxi driver should turn on the meter, which should show 3 LE LE plus about 0.75 per kilometer. Passing between the districts of Hurghada and El Sakala Dahar should cost about 10 LE taxi fee also may be determined in advance, because many drivers are reluctant to ride "over the counter" as it is a very cost effective.


Hurghada weather

Part of Egypt, which is located in Hurghada tropical climate is dry, humidity is low (about 5%) and no rainfall. This allows nearly all year round in Hurghada sunny weather prevails. The coldest months in Hurghada is January, February and March, when the air temperature during the day is about + 20 ° C. The water temperature in the winter months in the Red Sea is a constant and is approximately + 21 ° C). In addition, during the winter months typically strong wind causes a lot of waves on the sea and the desert carrying a lot of dust. The warmest months in Hurghada are July and August - the air temperature is about 35 ° C (water temperature about 28 ° C). In addition, many cold wind blows from the Red Sea. The biggest tourist season in Hurghada lasts from April to October due to favorable air temperatures and warm waters of the Red Sea

Hurghada  - travel advice

Many tourists after a few days stay in Egypt is suffering from so-called. Pharaoh's Revenge. "Pharaoh's Revenge" revealed severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. Pharaoh's Revenge is caused by a sudden change of diet and other bacterial flora prevailing in Egypt. In every pharmacy in Hurghada you can buy medicine for "vengeance of Pharaoh" called Antinal (1 tablet every 6-8 hours), also helps nifuroksazyd. For acute pain is best to contact your doctor at your hotel (cost 15-20 USD) or call the resident. To prevent the vengeance of Pharaoh: do not drink tap water, do not drink beverages with ice, do not eat raw vegetable salads, do not eat fruit or drink fruit juice, eat ice cream, eat cooked foods, drink lots of coca-coli.Na town to eat in the best restaurants such as MC Donald

Hurghada trips

Hurghada is situated in the middle of Egypt on a combination of major transportation routes. For this reason, many travel agencies organize tours to Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Alexandria, which can be purchased at the resident travel agent with whom you came. Tours in the close vicinity of Hurghada (safari into the desert, riding camels, quad safari, jeep safari, boat trips with a glass bottom boat tour underwater) can be bought from a resident or local travel agencies. I invite you to dive into our database of diving (Diving Hurghada). I invite you to participate in a one-day diving program for beginners intro or sign up for kurs_nurkowania PADI Open Water Diver course lasts 4 days. We guarantee professional organizations. Diving courses in Hurghada are taught by experienced PADI dive instructors hurghada diving

Shoping and entertainment in Hurghada

The best place to shop in Hurghada is the old bazaar in the district of El Dahar or shops in the district of Hurghada called Sakkala. Price is negotiable almost anywhere and at the beginning, it is sometimes three times larger than the final price. Egyptians usually invite you into their stores and treats tea. Shopping should rather do yourself without the use of street touts receiving commissions for bringing tourists. Shops are open late into the night. Egypt is an Islamic country and alcoholic beverages are only available in bars, pubs and can not be bought in supermarkets. Most bars and discos pabów is located in Hurghada's Sakala. Calipso For the most part, Papas, Hard Rock Cafe, Hedcandi. Very entertaining place is also a new marina in the north of Hurghada.